Tirilye, one of the preserved corners of the Mudanya coast, is an old Greek town known for its fish and olives, and has been known for tourism recently. It was once the most populous settlement in the region centuries ago olives and olive oil were exported to Europe from here.

There were 7 churches, 3 monasteries and 3 holy springs in Tirilye, but only 3 of these churches are standing today. When we list the places to visit; Hagios Ioannes Greek Church (Yuannes Church) is known as Dündar House. After the Greeks left the region, it became private property. Panagia Pontobasilissa Church is known as Kemerli Church in the town. Hagia Stephanos Church (Fatih Mosque) was converted into a mosque in the 16th century. Although the exact name and date of construction of the Tirilye Bath, which is located on the same building area by the Fatih Mosque and on the south facade of the mosque, is not known. There is information that the Turks brought from Kastamonu and Üsküdar to built it in the 16th century. Another structure worth seeing in the region is the Taş Mektep. It was built between 1904-1909 by Christosmos who was born in Tirilye and after studying in Greece  returned to Turkey as metropolit. Taş Mektep is Tirilye's most magnificent building. The historical Çamlı Kahve, which is the highest point of Trilye which is an ancient city and an old Greek fishing town, was the place where Greek women were waiting for their wives who went fishing. When the weather is clear, you can observe the unique view of the gulf from this point, Armutlu beaches on the opposite side, and even İmralı Island. Trilye is an untouched coastal town with its churches, houses that largely preserve its original architecture, narrow streets, and a harbor.