Harmancık Eco Tourism Facilities

Harmancık Eco-Tourism Facilities is located in Harmancık, the hometown of the first chrome mine in the world and also the hometown of Archer Şüca, one of the greatest archers of traditional Turkish archery with a record of 839 meters in the southwestern range during the reign of Sultan Bayezid II. The facility is located at the intersection of Bursa-Balıkesir/Dursunbey-Kütahya/Tavşanlı highway, 90 km from Bursa city centre. The facility, which is only within walking distance from the district center, is located in a unique natural environment surrounded by pine trees. Accommodation can be made in bungalow houses. The restaurant within the facility serves the most special dishes of Turkish cuisine as well as local dishes. The conference hall in the facility allows different activities. Visitors can participate in bicycle, ATV and trekking tours. There is a also a caravan park for visitors. In addition, visitors can visit the statue of Okçu Şüca, the Çardı Mahfel social facility and the village of Ilıcaksu, which was built on the ruins of the Roman period. Karaca Pond located on the Kütahya Tavşanlı highway is suitable for fishing.
Visitors who want to get information about the facility can visit http://www.harmancik.bel.tr/pages/harmancik-belediyesi-eko-turizm-tesisleri/ and call 0224 8812401.