Keles Kocayayla Tourism Facility

Keles Kocayayla Tourism Facility is located 60 km from Bursa city center, 5 km from Keles town center and at an altitude of 1,100 meters on the southern slope of Uludağ. There are two-storey bungalow houses in the facility. Guests who want to stay in the facility, where only accommodation service is provided, can cook in the kitchen inside the bungalow houses and at the barbecues just outside. Each house has heating, electricity and water. There are also special areas within the facility for those who want to stay with their tents and those who want to stay with their caravans. In addition, breakfast and food services are provided in the cafeteria in the Kocayayla recreation area. Accommodation service is also provided in the Boz-Üy tents located within the Kocayayla recreation area. At the same time, a copy of the Orkhon Inscriptions (Bilge Kagan, Kultigin and Tonyukuk Inscriptions) located in the Orkhon Valley of Mongolia is found in Kocayayla and the inscriptions are open to visitors every day. Guests coming to Kocayayla can visit the tourist information office located on the ground floor of the amphitheater to get information about the region. Keles Kocayayla Tourism Facility offers opportunities for rafting in Kocasu Stream as well as cycling and ATVs touring the region. Visitors to the facility can visit the historical Gelemic Village, Gököz Pond, Yakup Çelebi Bath, Baraklı Pond, Keles Pond, Pınarcık and Dağdibi villages, famous for their trout restaurants, and Keles Municipality Culture House and Belenören Village Culture House.
Visitors who want to get detailed information about the facility can visit and call 0224 8612052.