History and empires; contains numerous traces of Bithynia, Rome, Seljuk, Byzantium and Ottoman Empires

Complexes ( Külliye); it is home to complexes constructed by 5 sultans following Osman Ghazi, preserving early examples of Ottoman architecture,

Shopping; with Historical Bazaar and Inns Zone on Unesco Cultural Heritage List, shaped since the reign of Sultan orhan Ghazi,

Spirituality; Bursa is home of the hundreds of historical mosques and tombs,

Textiles; it is on historical Silk Road, and it was the textile industry centre of Ottoman and early republic eras,

Culture; folk dancing, theatre, puppet and shadow theatre, cinema, music, literature and photography activities are organized each year,

Industry and commerce; Turkey has the 4th largest industry,

Nature; there’s a very rich flora within the surrounding mountains, plateaus, caves, lakes, healing water springs, rivers and waterfalls: known as “Green Bursa”,

Thermal waters; it is home to many 5 star hotels and spas,

Mountain and sea; Bursa is located where the skirts of Uludağ reach for Marmara Sea,

Sports; there are a lot of possibilities and options to perform various sports both in nature and in the city,

Education; Bursa was many well established educational institutes including Uludağ University and other foundation universities,

Agriculture; especially nature grown peaces, black figs, olives and vegetables,

Unique food culture; ottoman cuisine, döner kebab, pita meat balls, home cooked meals amd candied chestnuts are well – known,

Museums; in addition to many museums, all those historical buildings practically make Bursa an “open air museum”,

Tourism; everyone has a reason to come to Bursa…

Having traces of different civilizations with its thousands of years of history, Bursa is home to a rich culture. It was the city Ottoman Empire, which has been home to 60 countries for 624 years, was born and grew up in, and inspires all the geographies of the Ottoman Empire spread as a poll star with the magnificence of the empire’s foundation period.

Besides the economic and social harmony, Bursa is a city blended with riches such as natural beauty, healing waters, summer and winter tourism opportunities. Having a rare cultural and historical heritage with the architectural features of Byzantine, Ottoman and Republican periods, Bursa is one of the most precious cities of Turkey.

Bursa, which offers fruitfulness from its bazaars, healing water from its fountains, snow coolness at the top of the mountains and peace on its green plains, is a city that has dazzled important people for years. Bursa is the city that Nobel Prize-winning French author Andre Gide regretted that he couldn’t see when he was young, Mis Pardoe could not find such beautiful anywhere else, Carsten Niebuhr fell in love with the wonderful view surrounding the plain; with the detection of Alexander Von Warsberc, the wounds of time and bullying were covered with a live greenery. Also, it is a city which Tanpınar witnessed a second time in, and it is Çelebi’s spiritual city…

This city is one of the most important components of Anatolian civilization; and it is the knot point of the magnificent story of Rome and the preamble of the Ottoman Empire.