Eskikaraağaç European Stork Village

Eskikaraağaç Village, in Karacabey, 45 km away from Bursa center, on the edge of Uluabat Lake, was a village where mainly Greeks lived until the population exchange period. It is known to host storks , and is the only representative of the European Stork Villages in Turkey. The storks, which come in March every year, stay in their nests here until September. Eskikaraağaç, which has a bird watching tower and a nature museum. Village also has the story of "Uncle Adem and Yaren Stork", whose fame reached abroad. The friendship of Adem Yılmaz with the stork, whom he named "Yaren" comes to Eskikaraağaç since 2011 and fed by fisherman Adem Yılmaz, was awarded the best documentary at the Prague Film Festival held in Czechia with the documentary "Uncle Adem and Yaren Stork". The story of Adem Yılmaz and Yaren stork, which is the subject of textbooks in Austria and Germany, was also exhibited as a shadow play in Greece. "International  Stork Festival" is held in Eskikaraağaç every year in June.