Uludag, which was called Olympos until the Ottoman times, Mount of Monks in the Ottoman period; It got its present name in 1925. It is the highest peak of the Marmara Region with a height of 2543 meters. Its area is 12,762 hectares. Uludağ, which is 50 km away from the Sea of Marmara, was declared a National Park in 1961.

Although 71% of the National Park is forest, there are over 700 plant species. 33 of these are Uludağ endemics. In Uludağ, where 46 species of butterflies are seen, the Apollo Butterfly is unique to this mountain. Uludag, Turkey's most charming place of winter tourism and sports center is visited by 1 million people., In 2006, was registered as a Natural Protected Area First Degree.