Oylat Cave

It is located at the point where Oylat Canyon ends, 1 km south of Hilmiye neighborhood, 17 km southeast of İnegöl. It is possible to go up to the cave by car.

We can divide the cave, which has a generally meandering profile, into two parts according to its developmental characteristics. The section from the entrance to the great collapsing hall consists of narrow galleries. The ceiling height of this section, which is between 2-5 meters wide, is approximately 15 meters. On the other hand, the second part of the cave consists of a large collapsing hall. The width of this hall, which has a great height difference of 93 meters between its beginning and its end point, varies between 25-55 meters and the ceiling height varies between 3-15 meters. Consisting of large blocks and giant dripstone shapes (stalactites, stalagmites and columns), the last section above the hall consists of thick layers of pebble, sand and silt.
A rich living community lives in the Oylat cave, which consists of sections with different development and meteorological features. These include bats, millipedes, butterflies, worms, and guanobils. There is a noticeable wind in the narrow galleries and passages connecting the halls and floors in the cave. The cave is fossil.