Kösehoroz Waterfall

It is located on Değirmendere in Kösehoroz Village of Mustafakemalpaşa district. The length of the waterfall is 18 meters and a pond was formed where the water falls. This waterfall, pouring into the Flame Stream, which is one of the branches of the Mustafakemalpaşa Stream, has a magnificent view and enchants nature lovers. The source of the name of the stream is the water mill near Devecikonak.

Transportation: Kösehoroz Village is 20 km away from Mustafakemalpaşa town center. It is in the direction of Devecikonağı. There are village buses that go to Kösehoroz Village at certain times of the day. To reach the waterfall from the village, it is necessary to walk for about two hours through the forest roads. It is recommended that the walk is accompanied by a field guide.