Karacabey Floodplain Forests

It is located in the section extending to Yeniköy town of Karacabey. In the Floodplain Forests, besides elm, willow, ash and alder varieties, there is also the maquis flora with Mediterranean vegetation in the region. It adds a unique beauty of lotus flowers to the Foodplain Forests where are rarely seen in Turkey and in the World. Pike, carp, eel and mullet live in Poyraz and Dalyan lakes in this region. The forest area is closed to land hunting.

There is a pheasant breeding station in Ovakoru district, opposite the Floodplain Forests, in an area of ​​10 hectares, 5,000 pheasants are grown annually and sent to the forests in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea regions to start their natural life. While the depths of the forest waiting to be discovered open the door to natural beauties with its paths, it is an ideal place for lovers of mountain sports and trekking. Kocadere with wide stream beds and smooth flow with few curves; It bears natural harbor features. The creek, covered with trees and greenery, is also suitable for water sports. With its Floodplain Forests, Yeniköy, which is expected to make great contributions to social and economic life, is a candidate to become an oxygen center that will make a name for itself for many years. In short, Yeniköy is an attractive nature tourism center with its dazzling forest, sea, wide area of ​​clean sand, delicious cold water, uniquely beautiful picnic place, and its rivers that connect with mountains and sea, allowing water sports.