Abdülvahap Hill

The tomb located in this place, east of Iznik, a hill with a view of the city and Iznik Lake, is a place to visit. The tomb of a flag-bearer named Abdülvahap, who was assumed to be martyred in Iznik between 717-740, when the Islamic armies came to Anatolia and continued the war with Byzantium, is here. He is also known as "Bayraklı Dede" because the flag is hung to his tomb by the visitors. According to the rumors, Abdülvahap Gazi, who was accepted as the leader of the flag-bearers, was also the friend of Battal Gazi. He was martyred during the war and his body, caught in flood waters, remained in the river flowing under the Lodge rocks for a long time. His body was taken from here and transferred to his grave after a dream.