From Salt Water to Fresh Water; Blue Route

This route in Bursa, a city where you can find almost everything about the nature, is the story of the transition from salt water to fresh water on the same day. On the route starting from Mudanya district, you can walk along the coastal promenade to visit The Armistice House Museum and Tahir Pasha Mansion, which has a magnificent decorations, and then discover the natural and historical beauties of Tirilye, which is 10 km away to Mudanya. Next stop is Eskikarağaç Village on the lakeside of Uluabat Lake, which has Turkey's only European Stork Village title. If you come across the season, you can have the opportunity to see Storks, which migrate from distant lands, in their nests. You can enjoy the magnificent view of Uluabat Lake from the bird watching tower and visit the bird museum in the village. You can complete the day in Gölyazı, where you can take a boat trip and then see the old Weeping Plane Tree . In this village where women go fishing with their husbands, it will give you a nice experience if you come across a fish auction. Do not leave Gölyazı without watching the sunset from the hill next to the village.

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