Muradiye ( Murad II ) Complex

It is the last complex built by an Ottoman Sultan in Bursa. Constructed in 1426 by Sultan Murad II, it included originally a mosque, madrasah, Turkish bath, public kitchen and the Sultan's tomb. Muradiye (Murad II) Complex, as the first example of a graveyard (‘hazire’) composed of tombs, gained importance with the start of the construction of the tomb of Alaaddin son of Sultan Murad II until the period of Selim II . 

There are thirteen tombs within Muradiye (Murad II) Complex where wives, sons, daughters, next to kins of Sultan and various courtiers who served the Ottomans are buried. The fact that they decided to bury their closest relatives here is an indication of the spiritual importance of Bursa, even after the transfer of the capital to Istanbul. The Complex has given its name to the neighbourhood. Nowadays; the madrasah as a museum, the public kitchen as a restaurant of Ottoman cuisine is being used.

Located in the site which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014.