Ottoman Sultans Tour

Bursa,where the transition from the principality to the state and being the first capital city of the Ottoman Empire, also is the city where there are tombs of the first 6 sultans, known as the founding rulers among the 36 sultans of the empire. The Sultans tour route starts from the west of Bursa and continues throughout the east of Bursa. You can start the tour by visiting the Martyred Sultan Murad I Hüdavendigar, who has a complex in Çekirge District. Then, You can visit Sultan Murad II, who has a complex in Muradiye District, one of the oldest Neighbourhood of Bursa, and was the last Ottoman Sultan in Bursa. Afterward, You can visit the Mausoleums of Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi in Tophane by entering the Walled City from Kaplıca Gate. The next route is to visit Yeşil Complex, which gives its name to Yeşil District. At Yeşil Complex, you can immortalize this moment by taking a photo while visiting the Green Tomb, an architectural masterpiece with its magnificent tiles  built by Çelebi Mehmed, whom  named as the second founder of the Ottoman Empire by historians. Finally, you can complete the sultans tour with a visit to Yıldırım (Bayezit I) Complex.

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