A Day in Bursa Fortress

Bursa, which has 3400 m long fortress walls and gates defying the years, is a member city of the "Walled Towns". Evliya Çelebi mentions in his Seyahatname, which is his travel book, that he toured around the walls with ten thousand steps. Bursa Fortress was built by Prusias, the emperor of Bithynia. Then, the city started to live in its golden age when Orhan Gazi, the second ruler of the Ottoman Empire, conquered Bursa and declared it as the capital. The cultural tour to be carried out by foot in the Walled City Area, where many buildings have been built for centuries, starts with the Şahadet Mosque built by Murad I. Then, from Kale Street, where the magnificent Ottoman houses are located, you can go down to the Sultanate Gate, the most important gate of Bursa Fortress. From Lala Şahin Pasha Madrasah, which is located opposite the Sultanate Gate, used as a children's library at the present time and which is one of the first madrasah of the Ottoman establishment period. Afterwards, you can go to Kavaklı Street, one of the most beautiful streets of the Walled City. You can respectively visit Kavaklı Mosque, Haraççıoğlu Madrasa and Dar'ül Kurra, the first Quran education center of Bursa, on the street. After visiting Üftade mosque and tomb, you can see the square attributed to the name of Okçu Şüca from Bursa, who shot the longest range arrow in Ottoman history by shooting an arrow at a distance of 839 meters, next to Yer Gate, which is one of the gates of Bursa Fortress. By walking along the narrow and nostalgic streets next to the walls, you can go to Fetih Gate, where the Ottoman army entered the city on April 6, 1326. Then, you can visit Alaaddin Bey Mosque, which was built in 1326 and being the first mosque of the Ottoman Empire, and İsa Bey Fenari Mosque, which was built by İsa Bey Fenari, the grandson of Mullah Fenari. Finally, you can complete the tour at the Bithynia excavation site, where the remains of the first palace built in the 2nd century BC in Bursa Fortress and You can also watch Bursa view on the terrace located there.

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