Step by Step Bursa

May your clothes and shoes be comfortable. A walk of 6116 steps from historical monuments to spiritual values ​​and to the heart of trade awaits you. The starting point of this tour, in which the center of Bursa is visited on foot like the old settlers of Bursa, is Tophane Park where you can see the route you will walk from a high point. When you start your walk by taking the Bursa Walls to your right, Balıbey Han, which is the first three-storey Khan, will greet you. Then, the supreme mosque Ulucami, next to the silk center Koza Han and Turkey's oldest city hall are special places where you would definitely want to take pictures. Next is Bursa City Museum, Turkey's first city museum. Be sure to enter this beautiful museum. By passing the Setbaşı Bridge that connects Osmangazi and Yıldırım districts, you will reach the Yeşil(Green) Ottoman Complex, which is the identity of Bursa. I think you are a little tired. The cafes on and around the Yeşil(Green) Ottoman Complex or the next Irgandı Bridge are very nice places to take a breathe. If you have rested enough, the historical stops on your way are Kayhan Mosque and Kayhan Bazaar, famous for its Meatball with Pita and Cutler artists. Then, you will enter the historical bazaars connected to each other with Okçular Bazaar. This direction will take you to the last point, Pirinç(Rice) Khan, with the historical bazaar and Khans on the road.

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  • Bursa Metropolitan Municipality-Department of International Affairs-Tourism and Promotion Branch Office / Zafer Neighbourhood, Ankara Road Street, No:1, Story:4, Postcode:16080, Osmangazi / BURSA

  • 444 16 00 / ALO 153


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